CLIPEXPO is your stand builder for more than 30 years! We are creating, building, and dismantling over 350 exhibition booths per year.  We offer to our clients comprehensive or custom-made services to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Renowed for our high-quality exhibition panels, we also take care of the interior layout of your offices. We are also drawning and taking care of the design of your stores, shops etc. through our CLIPINSIDE department.


Development of booths and exhibition displays

CLIPEXPO is the partner stand builder for professionals for over 30 years, whose concept is to make companies more visible and attractive!


We create for our clients exhibition stands with design and communication concepts, for which we offer assembly and disassembly throughout Europe.


We offer a wide range of stands for trade shows and fairs, ranging from custom-made stands to modular exhibition stands.

Stand d'exposition Ethias
Explication du service Standiste de CLIPEXPO

Complete management & tailored services

At CLIPEXPO, the client is at the centre of our attention.

Therefore, we offer custom-made service solutions adapted to the needs of each individual.


We offer the sale and rental of exhibition equipment, as well as all related services such as printing your visuals, the assembly and disassembly of your exhibition display, and the transportation and storage of your equipment and visuals.


Need tranquillity?

Opt for the complete management of your exhibition stand.

Exhibition panels

CLIPEXPO is also known for its market-leading exhibition panels.

CLIP ® exhibition panels are easy to assemble and are offering endless possibilities.They allow you to set up quickly exhibition walls on which you can display your message and artwork, you can also choose to create a full booth covered with forex visuals.

Exemple d'exposition avec des panneaux CLIPEXPO

Lighted frame-box and displays

Illuminate your communication with HELLO and HELLO+, the world’s first portable light frames. This innovative display allows you to stand out at a booth or during an event by offering a beautiful alternative to the traditional roll-up.

The frames are available in various formats and as counters.They can be used individually or connected.This allows you to create large light walls or other configurations according to your activities.

We can provide you with a large choice of portable desks, displays, brochure holder, roll up,…



The CLIPINSIDE Department was born naturally as a continuation of our activities in stand manufacturing and communication concepts for our clients. The agility of our interior design specialists has allowed us to create this new branch entirely dedicated to the layout of professional spaces, including offices and shops.

Aménagement par notre équipe d'architectes d'intérieur

Designing offices and commercial spaces

Our expertise as stand builders for over 30 years has led us to create impactful and innovative designs. Over time, the demand for interior design has increased, and we have decided to offer a specialised service: Clip Inside.


We offer store and window display design, office layout with functional spaces, pop-up store organisation, and much more.


Thanks to our carpentry department, we can meet any request for custom furniture to enhance your spaces.

Statements from our clients regarding our complete stand management services: